Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Shelves "runneth over"!

 With all the great sales on Cricut Cartridges during November & December, I picked up several new cartridges and prompty outgrew my current space for storing them!  (Maybe I should start USING them more?)
 I found this nifty "double-wide" storage box online and got one to see if it would help.  The package says it will store 8 cartridges & keyboard overlays.  I like to store the booklets with my cartridges, so I found that the box only stored 4 cartridges along with their corresponding overlay & booklet.
So, I gained a little bit of space, and now I'm at full capacity on my shelves.  I've decided that if I want a new cartridge, I will have to choose which cartridge needs to go in order to make room :)

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