Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back!

 A few weeks ago my family room was a complete disaster and I couldn't take it anymore!  So I banished the kids to the living room and told them in no uncertain terms, "DO NOT come into the family room or bother Mommy while I clean!"  I gave clear instructions that they could play in the living room and if there were any problems they would have to go play in their bedrooms. (I seriously had to get the family room clean - it's basically where we live and it had reached critical status!).  So I cleaned & vacuumed and dusted and got everything put away and, ahhhh.....doesn't it look nice above?

So feeling a wonderful sense of accomplishment, I walked into the living room to check on the kids.  And here is what I found......

Another room completely destroyed!!!  Well, I have to admit that they didn't bother me or have any problems playing together....in the living room.....so I guess they obeyed really well.  Oh sigh, another room to clean.  At least it's not a room we live in very much! :)

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