Thursday, December 30, 2010

Like Butter!!

Say hello to my new paper trimmer!!  She just arrived on my doorstep this afternoon and I have already put her to work!  She slices paper like butter!! Yes, I've decided that she's a girl and I've even named her - Delilah.  I don't know why I call her that, it just seems to fit.  I guess because the brand is Dahle and it is printed at the top :0)

Anyway, I've been searching for a new paper trimmer for a while now, and after many days of researching on the internet I decided to go with this one - a Dahle 550.  I read review after review and I think the thing that finally sold me on this one is the self-sharpening blade.  With every cut the blade sharpens itself!! Wow!  And if you've ever been to one of my workshops, you know how much paper I cut - a lot!!  I figure it will help reduce some of my chiropractor visits because it slices so effortlessly. My previous trimmer took a fair amount of muscle, since you had to push down & forward.  This one slices with no effort, in both directions.

Now I'm questioning why I waited so long to make this purchase.  The right tool makes the job so much easier :)


  1. Hey, you forgot to tell me about this....It looks great. I HAS to be better than that awful one you were dealing with. So Happy for you. Mine sharpens itself too and that is great. It looks like it belongs to you for some reason. Also I just noticed your ribbons rolls on the sides...very cute. You have such good taste....who do you take after ???? Hahahaha

  2. I have to with-hold some things from you so that when you read my blog it will be new to you ;)

  3. Delilah...ha ha. I name things too. And nearly every object looks like a girl or boy to me too...

  4. do the metric measurements bother you? just got mine today.