Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Try Digital Scrapbooking This Month!!

I have considered myself a die-hard traditional paper scrapbooker. I love looking at (and often buying) new patterned papers and embellishments.  My creativity gets flowing when I see adorable products at my annual voyage to the Scrapbook Expo.  But lately I have to admit that I've really been thinking about digital scrapbooking.  Not that I would go exclusively digital, but I think there may be events that would be faster & easier to scrapbook digitally.  Case in point - my family's recent trip to Legoland.  Do I do my usual thing of looking at the photos on my laptop, then print the 4 x 6 photos that I think I'd like to put on a layout, put those photos in an envelope that will sit on my craft table waiting for me to pick the perfect paper & embellishments before I even begin to think about how I will arrange those photos on the paper.  It could be years before that layout comes about (seriously!).

But what if I did the digital route?  If I go to the Studio J website I can upload my photos and play around with paper & layout options, and have that layout done in an hour or less.  Then, instead of paying for those 4 x 6 photos that I may or may not end up using, I can just pay for the 2 page layout to be printed and mailed to my home (free of shipping) where I will lovingly slide it into my scrapbook!!  Hmmm....kind of a no brainer I think!

This month I am finally going to take the plunge into digital scrapbooking using Studio J.  The deal is so great this month that I just can't pass it up!  For each Studio J 5-pack that you purchase, you'll get another 5-pack for free!  A 5-pack runs $55 - but for this month only, you get 2 for the price of one.  That means you'll get 10 two page digital layouts for $55.  If you figure how much you usually spend on printing photos, buying paper & embellishments, etc. you can see the value in this.  It comes out to just $2.75 per page, with free shipping! Not too shabby!

It doesn't cost a thing to go to Studio J and just check it out (click HERE).  You can also upload your photos and create a layout without spending a penny!  If you love the layout you create and want to do more, consider this month's special.  You don't have to use the 5-packs this month - they do not expire - so you can use them whenever you want.  You do have to purchase it during the month of February to get the free pack though.  Let me know if you have any questions!  And watch for a future post where I will share with you my first digital layouts!!

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