Thursday, June 16, 2011

Teacher Thank You Nugget Tin

I know,  I have totally been neglecting my blog!  And while I'm deeply sorry, I also have been SUPER busy!!  At least I will have a lot to blog about in the weeks to come :)

One of the projects that I worked on recently is this cute little nugget tin.  I wanted to make something for Ella's teacher & teacher aide, so I put 2 of these together.  I used the Good Work stamp set to stamp the cute little composition book, apple, tag and ruler wrap.  The nuggets were wrapped in paper from the now discontinued Animal Cookies paper pack.  My favorite thing is the little pencil tied into the ribbon!

I also made one of the ever popular Rolo pencils for our car pool buddy Anya! I've been dying to make one since I saw the instructions for it HERE.  I used the same Good Work stamp set for the A+ on the tag.  Ella enjoyed giving these to her teachers & Anya on the last day of school!

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure seeing Anya tear into the Rolo pencils was not fun as well :-) She loved the little gift bag you made her, you are so sweet and talented.