Monday, June 20, 2011

School Flower Fun!!

Another project that kept me busy prior to the last of school - Tootsie-Pop flowers!  Cut out some 5 petal flowers, use a Tootsie-Pop for the center, and make some cute little flower favors for friends!

I used an empty egg carton to hold the finished flowers

Each pop had a "leaf" made of a strip of paper

For each lollipop you need to cut 2 flowers.  Remove a petal from one of the flowers

I just printed the saying on green cardstock, then cut them into strips.  These were wrapped around the lollipop "stem" & glued into place.
 The instructions for making these can be found HERE.  Two warnings: 1)These did take a little longer than I had expected, so try to check your perfectionism at the door before starting.  2)Do not be present at the school when these are passed out!  All your hard work is ripped to shreds in seconds because kids are only interested in the candy! :)

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