Monday, April 1, 2013

Just Buzzing By...

Yes, I have totally neglected my blog for a while!! Sorry for the huge void in posts!  I started selling my cards & paper crafts at Gin Gilli's Vintage Home Collective in Geyserville.  It has been keeping me super busy! I will post some pics of my little space soon, but for now I thought I'd highlight one of my favorite paper lines from the new catalog! The Buzz & Bumble paper goes really well with all the bumble bee themed cards & projects I've been working on!  Hexagon's & bees are super hot right now in the papercrafting world! So check out the Workshop on the Go layout above.  I love the stamp set that is in the Workshop so much that I might have to get the whole thing just for the lovely little bee stamp! 

The hexagon stamp set featured in the layout above is also really cool!  It would be great for cards as well! Hope this quick post keeps your creativity buzzing..... :)

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