Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I received an email today from a sweet lady who is a Thirty-One Gifts demonstrator.  The cover of their catalog (above) made me oooohhh and aahhhhh.  That is what I would love my craft room to look like!! I really love the creamy wall color and the white-on-white look.  I'm going to keep this picture as inspiration for when I swap my craft room (currently in what is supposed to be the dining room) with the kids playroom. The kids don't like to go in the playroom because it's too dark & scary since it's down the hall and they can't see me when they are in there! (If you ever decide to have a playroom, it needs to be next to the kitchen or else your kids will just bring all the toys out to the kitchen so they can see you while playing. Which makes you wonder why you created a playroom in the first place!)

My much loved big white hutch will soon move from the kitchen into my craft room.  I still love my hutch as dearly now as the day I bought it, over 12 years ago!  I will be removing a computer cabinet that I really don't use anymore in order to make room for the hutch.  I like the row of glass jars on the shelves in this picture, and might do something similar on my hutch.

So just thought I'd pass this cute picture along!  And if you want, take a visit to Thirty-One Gifts :)

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  1. It's kind of funny to read this post because we JUST talked about your white hutch this morning out in service. It came up because some people were reminiscing about Periwinkle :)