Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning of my Craft Room!

No, I didn't stage this - my storage table really was a mess!!

So was this counter! My artwork and my kids artwork piled high!

And my desk was such a mess that I don't know how any paper crafting was getting done!

So I took everything off of every surface and sorted it in another room.  Then I put things away where they should go and had to create new places for things to live.

Now my room is a clean crafting oasis!!

My cutting table can actually be used - FOR CUTTING!!  My poor Cricut hasn't seen the sunlight in so long!
My desk before (yes, it's under there somewhere!!)

My desk after!!  Now I can sit at my desk and work without having to shove things to the sides in order to make a clean surface to work on!

My Xyron found a new home on this counter, which is nice because it used to be up on a shelf and I had to get it down in order to use it. how long can I keep it this way???

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  1. You did such a good job Jeni!!! I need you to come do that in several rooms in my house :-)